Monday, 27 May 2013

Burgundian v Imperials

This is the game we had last week that made me decide I needed to get back and do some more work on my Burgundians again. Their opponent is my mates rather large Maximilian Juggernaut, which is a beast of an army ( their first outing as well ). Swiss pike had to stand in for his Landsknechts which aren't finished yet. I love those large units of German knights....brutal looking bunch.

Cheers all

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Burgundian touch up

Some time back I decided to turn my 28mm Yorkist WotR army into a Burgundian one. This also meant converting them over from old Armarti bases onto new shinny Impetus ones. New banners, Ordonnance liveries and changing the halberdiers into pikemen all needed doing to complete the project. I think I'm over half way now, so thought I would post up a few pics as it's been awhile since my last. I've also been working on an Early Samurai project (28mm) which is well and truly up and running, shall stick some pics of them up on the blog soon.
These are all Old Glory. The artillery ? no idea what make...purchased at a convention many moons ago.
Cheers all