Thursday, 27 February 2014


Some Celtiberian mercenaries finished off and a couple of commanders….once again all 28mm  Crusader Miniatures. Shall be taking this army in the Goulburn Impetus Comp so concentrating on just getting 350pts done up at the moment, it'll be larger than that eventually :-)

Monday, 10 February 2014

Grand Alliance French

League of Augsburg French 1688-97 Painted some time back about to be re based for Impetus Baroque which looks likely to be released this year at some stage. So a good excuse to drag these guys out of storage and get them onto the work table….see exactly what needs doing to get them up to speed. Shall probably add some more pike, touch up some of the officers and flags. Figures are all 25mm Dixon….one of my favourite ranges from them and rated as a classic now in my book. All painted in enamels so gives you an idea how far back we're going :-)