Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Some more Spanish

A few Lusitanians this time... and a couple of light cavalry units.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

New Kingdom Egyptian v Hittites

Game last night…went down to the wire with lot's of casualties on both sides, a vicious encounter. Hittite centre collapsed in the end after having their general killed in a chariot charge gone wrong. Anubis had his hands full after this one…nasty but a fun game. 350pts all the figures are Old Glory.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ancient Spanish

Started my Spanish army…. at last ( so this is project number 5 underway hahaha ) and that's just for Impetus. All the figs are 28mm Crusader. Shields are transfers of course Veni Vidi Vici.
Some Lusitanians are on the blocks next up for these guys. That's the other thing I haven't decided on yet to go the Celtiberian track or stay on the Iberian/Lusitanian path…. hmmmm …. I'm thinking the later at the moment ( not so punchy but good fun to use ) .

Monday, 7 October 2013

Impetvs at MOAB 2013

Got organised this year and set up an Impetvs Ancient tournament at MOAB in Sydney. We had a good turn out with 12 players...which is amazing for a first time event I think and great to see how much interest there was locally for the game. We had Clint who also came down from Brisbane for the comp... ( nice one ) and getting a bit of a following up there as well by the sounds of it.

The tournament itself was 300pts 28mm 4 rounds over 2 days. Period was up and including Dark Ages.

The final standings.                                                               IWL points

1  Rob Bruce            Late Roman                    459 pts      20  
2  Clint Richards      NK Egyptian                   417 pts      15
3  Rex Harrison        Normans                         312 pts      10
4  Ralph Hawker      Ancient British                302 pts      7
5  Steve Hopkins      Sargonid Assyrians      289 pts      6
6  Matt Williamson    Sassanid Persian         277 pts      6
7  Chris Kendrick      Romano-British             266 pts     5
8  Grant Tighe           Norman                           228 pts       5
9  Dave Veasey        Achaemenid Persian    110 pts        4
10  Mick Steggles     Goths                               65 pts        3
11 Axel Hawker        Ancient Indian                63 pts         2   
12 Richard Tartt        NK Egyptians                 62 pts        1

Impetvs World League-standings

Rex, Rob and Clint

Monday, 9 September 2013

Roman v Indian

This was a 300pt tournament game played last Friday night...also the first time I've taken pictures of my Late Roman army in action. This Indian army will be used by Ralph's son Axel at MOAB next month...and it's a handful that's for sure. Gave my Romans a lesson on how not to take on elephants hmmm ....not to mention heavy chariots backed up with a healthy helping of reasonably good long bow. This will be a tough customer at tournament chaps.
Both armies are 28mm Romans are all A&A the Indians Old Glory.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Frederic lll v Anthony the Bastard of Burgundy

Had a great game last night 28mm and only 300pts a side. Ralph's Imperials v my Burgundians....just so brutal. Every time I play this period I feel like I've really been in a fight,  just the total seesawing bloody catastrophe you would expect. It had everything ....heavy artillery carving up large pike blocks....crushing plate armoured cavalry charges....units getting pushed back and dying at the feet of friendly formations....massed hand gunners standing toe to toe with long bow and commanders getting butchered with their men.........superb ! what more could you ask for ?
Burgundians managed to scrounge a victory out of the day but they were exhausted by the end of it all.....most of the remaining troops were left on single break points.