Monday, 7 October 2013

Impetvs at MOAB 2013

Got organised this year and set up an Impetvs Ancient tournament at MOAB in Sydney. We had a good turn out with 12 players...which is amazing for a first time event I think and great to see how much interest there was locally for the game. We had Clint who also came down from Brisbane for the comp... ( nice one ) and getting a bit of a following up there as well by the sounds of it.

The tournament itself was 300pts 28mm 4 rounds over 2 days. Period was up and including Dark Ages.

The final standings.                                                               IWL points

1  Rob Bruce            Late Roman                    459 pts      20  
2  Clint Richards      NK Egyptian                   417 pts      15
3  Rex Harrison        Normans                         312 pts      10
4  Ralph Hawker      Ancient British                302 pts      7
5  Steve Hopkins      Sargonid Assyrians      289 pts      6
6  Matt Williamson    Sassanid Persian         277 pts      6
7  Chris Kendrick      Romano-British             266 pts     5
8  Grant Tighe           Norman                           228 pts       5
9  Dave Veasey        Achaemenid Persian    110 pts        4
10  Mick Steggles     Goths                               65 pts        3
11 Axel Hawker        Ancient Indian                63 pts         2   
12 Richard Tartt        NK Egyptians                 62 pts        1

Impetvs World League-standings

Rex, Rob and Clint


  1. And what a great weekend, looking forward to cancon...mmmmm ......350 points

  2. Well done Tarty, looks like you will be running a pro comp for cancon now you have this one under your belt ol'boy. Comp Master, nice ring to it?

    1. Thanks must come down for one of these. Yeah we had a good weekend.

  3. Great turnout and great armies! I like the mix of armies from the ancient era.

    1. Cheers Monty, your right a diverse mix wasn't it ? Chariots elephants ....everything. The Romano-British was an interesting army I think.

  4. I saw you all only briefly on the Sunday but did not realise that Impetus was being played. What a shame as I really want to see how this game plays out. Looks like a great turn out for a first time event! I had fun with Chain of Command

    1. Will be running another comp at Cancon Chris if your around. More than welcome to join in...nothing like playing to get a feel for something. Lot's of beginners so no need to feel intimidated :-)

  5. Missed this post somehow, good on ya Tarty. By the chatter on the wire it was something of a success, well done that man.