Monday, 19 August 2013

A Bridge Too Far...a Club Game

Played Arnhem at the Goulburn Club on the weekend, an amazing amount of planning and preparation was put into pulling it all together. Quiet a few collections involved figures, buildings and terrain ...... I just had to show up. Great fun and a great weekend.
Scale is 20mm

All went the same way as it did in the history books.....not the best for the good guys.


  1. Lovely painting! Looks like it was a treat to play!

  2. Mein gott in himmel, it vas a set up ya? Great looking game lads

  3. It was a good weekend, two days of gaming punctuated with a superb Indian meal and a few bottles of red......does life get any better I ask you ?

  4. Fantastic looking game. Old Matty is a good friend of mine and he does know how to put on a great game. Very impressive.

    All the best


  5. Great looking game, totally blown away by the terrain!!

  6. Wow one day I have to get involved with this, well done guys