Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Just found a parcel on my door step ... birthday present from my better half. Could be dangerous... I've been looking forward to them coming out for some time. Are these going to be it ?... always wanted a  corps level set of Napoleonic rules that worked and was still fun to play for me it's the large scale stuff that captures the period best. Well we'll see I suppose....liking what I've read about them so far.


  1. Very interested in your take on these Richard as I too hear great things about them , particularly the campaign turn.

  2. Richard, does the "campaign system" come with the core rules or do you need to buy the 100 days to get it?

    Also, if you had the figures, do you see any reason to buy the 100 days?

  3. Yep the campaign system is with rules. The cards are optional. They have 100 days campaign counters , objective markers , personality cards and column cards but none of these are necessary to play the 100 days campaign ...just a bit of bling really but kind of nice.

  4. I loved Maurice and Longstreet and I've heard this is a step up from those. I'm stretched so thin with rules and periods that I'll have to look on while others like you make the leap. Do you have Napoleonic minis in hand or will you use the cards?

    1. I have old 25mm Napoleonic's Monty and a newer collection of AB 18mm chaps ( which is what I'll use for this I think ).
      The period is a bit of a black hole when it comes to painting hahaha....always something else that needs to be done a constant work in progress.

    2. Never got into Maurice or Longstreet that just never got around to giving them ago ( and not having the fig's )