Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hand Painted Tile

 Found in an antique shop……it's hand painted on a large ceramic tile. My guess is it's painted around the turn of the century……not a bad job.

And the original.......
Battle of Denain


  1. Claude Louis Hector de Villars, Duke of Villars'
    Battle of Denain
    It was Villars' part in the next war, beginning with Friedlingen (1702) and Hochstadt (1703) and ending with Denain (1712), that has made him most famous. For his part in the battle of Friedlingen he received the marshalate, and for the pacification of the insurgent Cévennes he received the Saint-Esprit order and the title of duke. Friedlingen and Hochstadt were barren victories, and the campaigns of which they formed were characterized by lost opportunities. Villars' glory thus begins with the year 1709 when France, apparently helpless, was roused to a great effort of self-defence by the stringent demands of the Coalition.

  2. Marshal Villars storming the redoubt at Denain. Marlborough had been called back to England for insisting on winning the war, and the frogs got down and dirty. If you dont want it buy it for me!

  3. That is really lovely, and it's great that someone could identify it. Did you buy it?

    1.'s quiet well done, and looks like a close representation of the original.