Sunday, 6 March 2016

Impetus Baroque- First 28mm Game

Our first outing with these armies using Baroque. They have both been recently rebased for the rules which should be out any day now....can't wait. We played this game using a 'play testing' edition.
Ralph's Bavarian v my French. Figures are almost all from the Grand Alliance Dixon range and painted in enamels....old school ;-)
Pinched a few pictures from Rich M's blog Working on the Lead Mountain
who was in command of the French left.


  1. gosh!... awesome sight of impressive colorful painted figures/units - marvelous!

  2. Great pictures and fantastic figures!

  3. Wonderful! I love how the last photos shows why we fight.

  4. Cheers guys....looking forward to more games with these chaps now Baroque is nearly out. More picks to come and perhaps with a little more terrain next time. This was very much a warm up game.