Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Small Ships !

My first attempt at one of these little gems from Langton miniatures such great models it's hard to know when to stop with the detail. Could easily keep going putting more time into one of these, I had to constantly remind myself it's for the table top. Can see how people get carried away with this period...most enjoyable.
This is a Napoleonic French 76 gun 3rd rater in topsail and jib..... 3 more similar to do before finishing off this squadron.
I was going to use 'Signal Close Quarters-Fast Play' from Langtons but recently also purchased 'Kiss Me Hardy' from Too Fat Lardies which could be the ticket after reading through them they sound like a lot of fun. I also like rules that mess around with the -I go you go- style of play. KMH could be the bizz. More to come ;-)


  1. lovely looking ship models!

  2. It looks great mate.

  3. Nicely done! It has the detail of a much larger model.

  4. Very noice Tartty, ol'boy. Looking particularly salty.